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Each group should have a minimum of three able-bodied helpers to operate the boat and work the locks. Additional people may be required to assist with caring for those with special needs.

HirePic2ordThe Trust prides itself in the high standard of boat handling by our hirers. We request that at least one member of each group has at least one week’s previous canal holiday experience. If this is not the case, we request that the Group Leader successfully completes a residential weekend training course with the Trust, prior to the holiday. Our training courses run from a Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon. The cost is £90 per person which includes accommodation aboard the boat, meals and course materials.

Please contact the K&A Bookings Office for dates of the next courses: tel 01380 721279 or email:

Should you need to take medical equipment requiring special power aboard the boat, please discuss your needs with the Bookings Office prior to booking.

A list of suggested things to bring will be provided with the Boat Operator’s Manual before your holiday.

You may bring your dog with you for your holiday but please let the Bookings Office know whilst making your booking and we do ask that you keep on top of the sweeping and dog hairs throughout the week to aid our Voluntary Helpers with the cleaning at the end of the week.